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Working together to develop reliable digital platforms

Security challenges of digital transformation in the public sector

The public sector must be able to rely on robust information systems in order to handle secure data flows. More than anyone else, ministries and municipalities are prime targets because they possess critical information, which incites malicious groups to sell this information on specialized forums or on the dark web. This in turn increases the risk of a data breach. With the new regulations, they must lead by example to maintain trusting relationships with users and partners.

What can In Fidem do for you?

They rely on us

In Fidem is recognized for the expert cybersecurity consulting services it offers to several ministries and municipalities to help them tighten their security and continue to safeguard the trust of their users and partners. We know how to adapt our technical services to the realities of the public sector and use automation to take labour shortages into account.

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They rely on us

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Protection for better performance

Incorporate cybersecurity into your business with vision and strategy.



Get ready for more stringent privacy protection in Québec!

Bill 64 provides for a more stringent privacy protection that will impact businesses. Among other things, they will need to create a position for a privacy officer, adopt privacy policies and practices, report any breach of confidentiality and set up specific risk analyses.



Using Cancyber to provide a threat intelligence exchange solution

Alex Frappier, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Trainer at Cancyber, agreed to an interview for our podcast INTRASEC, In Fidem’s cybersecurity channel. He explained to us why the Government of Canada launched Cancyber and how this threat sharing and detection tool helps reduce your risks.

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