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Implement a security strategy while ensuring its consistency and compliance with regulations

Tighten cybersecurity for the technology industry

The technology sector is a prime target for cybercriminals. These malicious actors extort personal information, business data and intellectual property and sell them on the black market. For this reason, it is important to incorporate all aspects of security and compliance throughout the product and service life cycle to take the necessary corrective action and better manage cyber risks.

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They rely on us

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Protection for better performance

Incorporate cybersecurity into your business with vision and strategy.



Is your supply chain secure?

Did you know that your supply chain is often one of your weakest links in the event of a cyberattack? That’s because it’s the vital link between your organization and other businesses helping you serving your clients. Have you ever thought about the kind of information you share with your supply chain? Do you know how your suppliers handle your data and that of your clients, or where this information is stored?

Securite Chaine Approvisionnement Scaled


DevSecOps as a performance driver

Simon Bérubé, Senior Director–Product Delivery Strategy at In Fidem, is responsible for incorporating DevSecOps best practices within teams to accelerate value delivery and minimize waste due to scarce resources. His experience enables him to fully understand the different business dynamics and skillfully incorporate security into the three main pillars of DevOps delivery: agility, cloud computing and automation.

Simon agreed to demystify the DevSecOps concept and explain how to enforce security at all levels and for all environments by leveraging automated tools to increase your performance.

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