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Digital identity

Control who gets access to data and how it is shared

Stay in control and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your sensitive data

Your company is evolving and you must manage employee, client, and supplier life cycles and deal with constantly changing, complex technological environments. In Fidem offers flexible and simple identity and access management solutions designed to meet your industry’s security requirements.

Identify people, clients, suppliers, or objects.

Authenticate authorized users.

Record and monitor activities to keep track of who does what, when and from where.

Our digital identity management services

Simple and functional access administration to the right people

  • Identity, access and permissions management

  • Privileged access management (PAM)
  • User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA)

  • Automating periodic access review
  • Evaluating your access strategies
  • Supporting the implementation of access management solutions

  • Tests d’intrusions du réseau internet et du périmètre faisant face à l’Internet public: interception des communications, attaque du réseau sans-fil, abus des configurations du domaine Active Directory, vulnérabilités technologiques, vulnérabilités physiques
  • Tests applicatifs: applications Web, clients lourds, applications mobiles
  • Campagnes d’hameçonnage
  • Tests d’ingénierie sociale (téléphone, harponnage courriel, création de leurres, contournement des mesures d’authentification multifacteurs…)
  • Prise de l’empreinte réseau de l’organisation (détection des menaces résiduelles sur les sites Internets publics et les réseaux sociaux)
  • Exercices de Red Team (mesure des capacités de détection, de prévention d’attaque et des capacités de réponse aux incidents)
  • Exercices de Purple Team (formation de l’équipe de sécurité interne à la détection et la prévention des attaques)

Need support in managing privileged access to your sensitive systems?

Make sure that the people accessing your systems are who they say they are, and give them access only to the resources they need to do their job. Our experts will work with you to define the organizational rules required to manage digital identities and put in place the technologies needed to apply and enforce these rules.

They rely on us

In Fidem has worked on large-scale projects that involved deploying strategies and solutions, automating periodic access reviews and implementing privileged access management tools to reduce the risk of data leakage or loss.

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How to effectively protect yourself against data leakage?

There are two kinds of data leaks: 

  • the ones caused by external attacks, i.e. by people who do not have access—or should not have access—to your data;
  • and those caused by internal attacks, i.e. by people you trust and have granted access to.

Find out how to protect yourself from them.



GDPR seen by a CISO

Cyrille Aubergier is Cybersecurity Manager for SITAONAIR. Cyrille came to present cybersecurity incidents according to the GDPR during the Forensik Conference 2019 and agreed to an interview. He shared with us his view of the GDPR and the key takeaways from this European regulation designed to strengthen privacy protection by holding organizations and their leaders accountable.

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