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Artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

How can In Fidem help you?

In Fidem is aware of the skills shortage in the face of increasingly complex cyberthreats and has developed automated solutions to quickly and effectively meet the needs of organizations. The company has joined the French firm Atos to help its clients accelerate their digital transformation and has forged strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers in the market to provide innovative technologies. Our approach, coupled with a strategic vision of your business needs, is based on the skillful and complementary incorporation of the best technological building blocks.

How to protect and stay in control of your data ?

How to assess your security measures ?

  • Automate the analysis of your level of risk exposure: assessment of your suppliers, …
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your systems, networks and cloud environments, and make the best decisions along with the necessary corrections
  • Put your security systems to the test

How to respond quickly and effectively to a cybersecurity incident ?

  • Incorporate and orchestrate existing security tools
  • Minimize the duration and impact of a cyber attack with a platform that orchestrates and automates your organization’s response
  • Speed up the eradication and remediation process with automated solutions that analyze your systems before they go back online

How to protect and stay in control of your data ?

How to assess your security measures ?

How to detect cyberthreats ?

  • Gather information and monitor who has access to what, when and from where
  • Automate log analysis and intelligence
  • Turn your data into intelligence

How to respond quickly and effectively to a cybersecurity incident ?

Protection for better performance

Incorporate cybersecurity into your business with vision and strategy

They rely on us

In Fidem’s expertise, combined with advanced technologies that leverage the potential of artificial intelligence, has saved our clients time so they can focus on their core business and on growth while maximizing their investments.

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They rely on us

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Client X

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In Fidem and Flare Systems partnership: monitor, detect, alert, remediate

Our customers will now benefit from a monitoring service that will:

  • proactively detect potential leaks;
  • transform this data into intelligence;
  • take the necessary steps to protect their sensitive information.

This strategic alliance reinforces In Fidem’s mission to increase your organization’s cyber resilience by integrating the best technological bricks on the market.

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DevSecOps as a performance driver

Simon Bérubé, Senior Director–Product Delivery Strategy at In Fidem, is responsible for incorporating DevSecOps best practices within teams to accelerate value delivery and minimize waste due to scarce resources. His experience enables him to fully understand the different business dynamics and skillfully incorporate security into the three main pillars of DevOps delivery: agility, cloud computing and automation.

Simon agreed to demystify the DevSecOps concept and explain how to enforce security at all levels and for all environments by leveraging automated tools to increase your performance.

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Forensik Conference 2022

Don’t miss the Forensik event dedicated to cybersecurity incidents management and response.

Location: Virtual event

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