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Protecting telecommunications infrastructure from cyber risks

Ensuring security for the telecommunications sector in today’s day and age

As the next generation of wireless networks (5G) arrives, telecom companies must turn technological innovation into a competitive advantage to create value for their services. Our phones have also become gateways to our personal information. As a result, organizations must bolster their infrastructure before it’s too late and increase the efficiency and agility of their cybersecurity operations.

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Protection for better performance.

Incorporate cybersecurity into your business with vision and strategy.



DevSecOps as a performance driver

Simon Bérubé, Senior Director–Product Delivery Strategy at In Fidem, is responsible for incorporating DevSecOps best practices within teams to accelerate value delivery and minimize waste due to scarce resources. 

Simon agreed to demystify the DevSecOps concept and explain how to enforce security at all levels and for all environments by leveraging automated tools to increase your performance.



From a Blue Team perspective

We had the pleasure of hosting Rino Lagacé, former Blue Team Leader at National Bank of Canada, at the first edition of the Forensik Conference. He explained to us how his incident response team was structured within the financial institution, what role each person played and how the company had gained maturity in managing cyber incidents. Listen to this interview on INTRASEC, In Fidem’s cybersecurity channel.

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