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Ensuring the physical and digital security of your clients and employees in an increasingly connected world.

Increasing the cyber resilience of transportation companies

With the introduction of automated and Internet-connected systems in the transportation sector, hackers have started targeting companies in this industry. But how do you ensure security and compliance while building a sustainable digital infrastructure for transportation and securing operational agility? Your growth strategy must include sound information security management to reduce the risk of data loss.

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Protection for better performance

Incorporate cybersecurity into your business with vision and strategy.



How to effectively protect yourself against data leaks?

Data theft, including personal data, is affecting more and more companies. No industry is spared. But beware, it isn’t only personal information that can draw attention: your intellectual property and your billing procedures or bank transfers can also be targeted.

Considering this, your strategy should focus on the value of your data and take into account how you use it, various leakage risk scenarios and their impacts and your regulatory obligations. In short, your strategy should be based on a good understanding of your situation and your risks.



From a Blue Team perspective

We had the pleasure of hosting Rino Lagacé, former Blue Team Leader at National Bank of Canada, at the first edition of the Forensik Conference. He explained to us how his incident response team was structured within the financial institution, what role each person played and how the company had gained maturity in managing cyber incidents. Listen to this interview on INTRASEC, In Fidem’s cybersecurity channel.

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