In Fidem, Protection Breeds Performance

Today marks the launch of In Fidem’s new brand image. It represents our philosophy, our vision of cybersecurity, and showcases above all our desire to paint security in a whole new light.

Our approach, rooted in added value, is very close to my heart. It is a stark contrast to the norm in our industry, which is to instil a sense of fear. While it is true that we face growing risks, at In Fidem, we prefer to treat cybersecurity as a performance-enhancing tool, as opposed to a constraint or barrier to conducting business. From all the way over here, I can hear your curiosity bubbling: “How does security lead to progress?”

To best illustrate our philosophy, we have drawn a parallel using health and our immune system. Cybersecurity, like the immune system, operates in the shadows. Its impact is imperceptible – until it stops working. It carries out its duties with an infinite number of tiny operations, interacting with other systems and actors along the way. Nothing happens by chance or by magic when it comes to cybersecurity: while its general purpose is quite simple to explain, its true value is in the more complex details, much like the inner workings of the human body. As an integral part of your organization, this protection evolves alongside it, in every decision, initiative, arrival, and departure.

Unfortunately, cybersecurity is often still treated as an antidote as opposed to a preventative measure. Many companies choose not to integrate it into their business processes, perceiving it as something they can do without. Like every living organism that casts its health aside, neglecting its diet and exercise, the ensuing impact won’t be felt immediately. There will be no perceptible change. No symptoms will manifest… until tragedy strikes.

We strongly believe that cybersecurity can and should be approached with an entirely different attitude: boldness.

Each and every industry has been shaped by the recent technological wave. In times of accelerated innovation, exceptional agility and adaptability are a must. That is where cybersecurity truly shines. If you are striving to move faster, more swiftly, more openly, and with greater fluidity when it comes to communications and business processes, going forward without proper security measures exposes you to serious risks. The way we see it, cybersecurity makes this type of progress possible while keeping you in the driver’s seat. Without it, your means of action, your capacity to adapt, and your ability to quickly respond to risks will weaken. Without it, your goals may quickly slip out of reach.

When it is seen through this lens, keeping your information secure quickly becomes a key factor in preserving the health and well-being of your organization, as well as an element that has the potential to drive accelerated performance and development. Business models are rapidly evolving: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and quantum computing are all recent phenomena that have redefined our businesses as well as society at large.

At In Fidem, we believe that by tirelessly protecting your company, cybersecurity is a natural catalyst for growth and performance.

Join us in living this philosophy and help us build a better, safer world.

Matthieu Chouinard

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