Targeted Training Courses for Each Person Involved with Information Security in Your Organization

Because information security is constantly evolving, it is essential to keep up to date in order to adapt to changes in technology and the new threats they introduce. In Fidem works to provide excellent training courses so that everyone involved with the organization has the skills they need to protect it against risks. We offer a variety of programs designed to respond to the needs of businesses.

Whether you are an IT manager, security specialist, systems administrator, programmer analyst or application quality assurance analyst, In Fidem gives you access to professional training in English or French, on demand, in private or public classes.

Through its Lead Auditor, Lead Implementer, Certified Risk Manager and MEHARI courses and its preparatory courses for certification exams such as the CISSP®, In Fidem provides you with quality advanced training and comprehensive support.

Our objective: To provide businesses and organizations with educational programs and materials developed by experienced trainers who are recognized in the field of information security.

Our Training Programs

  • Courses on risk management and security governance
  • Courses for security specialists and/or auditors
  • Courses on integrating security into application development
  • Courses for security system administrators
  • Courses on auditing