Multi-compliance management process

An integrated strategy for managing multiple compliance objectives

  • How can we adapt our current controls to ensure that they meet new requirements or a range of different requirements?
  • How can we ensure that the controls our operational teams must follow are simple and in line with the various standards governing our organization?
  • How can we guarantee sound management of the costs associated with the external audits required of our organization?

The proliferation of external regulations in various industries (sarbanes-oxley, pci-dss, basel accord, itar, nerc, iso 27001/27002, etc.) Is making the integration and daily management of these regulations increasingly complex. Complying with all the regulations while remaining agile and controlling costs is a challenge.

Managing compliance with multiple requirements involves 360-degree governance of the risks, policies, controls, assessments, and deficiencies associated with your information systems. In fidem has teams of professionals trained to understand your issues and the information security standards that apply to your organization. Our mandate is to optimize your control measures through a comprehensive strategy that supports each of your organization’s divisions and areas of activity.

In fidem can also guide you through the implementation of a centralized grc (governance, risk, and compliance) platform. This type of system enables you to harmonize controls, automate monitoring, and easily generate reports that summarize your organization’s compliance.

A simple multi-compliance management process

Is based on a thorough understanding of the standards and rules and an assessment of which ones apply to your organization
Reviews and analyzes the complexity and effectiveness of current controls
Identifies compliance strategies that reflect your situation
Adapts the management of your security controls based on the various goals associated with the standards and rules
Assesses and implements platforms for automating your security controls: governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management systems

«Our goal is to offer specialized expertise in the implementation and management of security controls, based on the optimization of investments and simple, effective monitoring.»

Matthieu Chouinard