Information management and classification

Comprehensive, precise tools for classifying your information assets 

  • Are our security strategies in line with the type of information used within our organization, and do they take into account the value of this information?
  • How can we establish clear and appropriate protection levels for our documents and data?
  • Do our employees have effective tools for properly sharing, archiving, and deleting files and documents?

Businesses and organizations create, manage, and use many different types and forms of data. Such information does not all have the same value, so different levels of protection are required.

Information security must be managed soundly within the various processes of acquisition, creation, use, archiving and data disposal, while also taking into account human factors and technological developments.

By classifying this information by type and information security level, we can help you establish an appropriate taxonomy of your information, enabling you to build strategies based on precise security needs.

A customized methodology to effectively manage your information security 

  • Builds a relationship of trust with your business units, customers, and partners by assigning a value to their information
  • Improves the organization’s productivity by appropriately guiding users according to the type of information they are dealing with
  • Builds protection strategies that take into account the risks associated with the loss, alteration or improper dissemination of critical information and data

Titus inc. Security and compliance solutions official partner.

Our experts suggest a simple, effective classification and labelling solution for your documents that will streamline your organization’s information security management. Documents are marked according to their level of sensitivity and users are provided with tools to help them make the right decisions. Visit the website for more information.

«With the amount of information an organization generates and uses today, working securely without a classification system is like managing a huge warehouse full of merchandise and never doing inventory! Effective information classification simplifies and standardizes the assessment of the risks associated with your projects, enabling you to make informed decisions when developing your security strategies.»

Robert Poudrette