Information security health report

A complete and methodical diagnosis of your current information security status 

  • How do I assess my company’s exposure to accidental loss of data and security breaches?
  • How can I improve my company’s information security and invest in priority areas?
  • How can I know if the resources i am investing in information security are being used effectively?

The health report is an essential element of successful information protection. Through it, in fidem enables you to have a 360-degree perspective on your security measures and practices. The health report can be used to determine the impact of weaknesses in your information security management system.

Our method is based on a flexible methodology designed to provide an objective diagnosis of the protection measures you have in place and how effective they are.

The report covers the following:

  • Security management process and policy framework (governance)
  • Staff security investigations, training, and awareness
  • Management of physical and logical access
  • Security of it infrastructure and telecommunications

  • Security in the application development cycle
  • Security of computer rooms and data centers
  • Security management in contracts with third parties
  • Management of business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Management of compliance with industry regulations and standards

Benefits of the information security report

Assess the current state of your work methods and systems
Determine the impact of gaps and weaknesses in it security
Create an action plan that targets priorities and enables you to achieve a return on your security investments
Enable compliance with regulatory requirements and other governing standards

«Since it is essential to assess whether or not current measures meet your security requirements based on your risks, our teams carefully validate the effectiveness of the data protection measures in place and ensure that your investments are properly used and distributed. Investments in it security should always be based on what the security requirements are and what is considered an adequate level of security for the given organization.»

Nicole Barbeau