Developing and setting up dashboards and management indicators

Precise performance indicators for effective decision-making

  • Is my organization meeting its security goals?
  • Are our current security measures effective?
  • How can we regularly and accurately measure our organization’s security health?

Measuring to enhance influence


An effective dashboard enables managers to measure the success of their security-related actions and make informed decisions to improve the situation. Our experts help you design and implement dashboards and management indicators that provide a clear understanding of the current situation, track it over time, and forecast future trends so you can adapt your strategies based on concrete measures.

Our experts’ approach also establishes security metrics based on mechanisms and techniques that correspond to iso/iec 27004:2009 standards.

Information security management indicators

«Dashboards and management indicators are an essential part of decision-making. They must clearly provide all necessary information so the organization’s strategies can be adjusted. We help to advance our clients’ information management by giving managers access to concrete performance measures.»

Matthieu Chouinard