Attack and penetration testing

A comprehensive security evaluation of it infrastructure and applications

  • Is the protection of our systems sufficiently robust?
  • Is our company vulnerable to cyber-spying or computer hacking?
  • Am i able to provide my clients with a secure transaction environment?
  • Do members of our staff follow established security guidelines?

Testing it infrastructure and business-critical applications regularly will enable you to proactively detect existing vulnerabilities and correct any existing or potential gaps in security configurations, application development, and architecture.

In Fidem offers a customized approach to penetration testing with professional and thorough manual and automated security testing. Our analysis provides you with a detailed list of vulnerabilities and above all an outside opinion of the strength of your technological security measures along with concrete recommendations on improving the protection of your systems.

We assess the security of your systems 

  • Operating systems
  • Web applications and technologies
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Messaging
  • Financial systems
  • Servers for centralized files
  • Databases
  • Work stations and other peripheral equipment
  • Infrastructure and architecture

We evaluate physical security and incident response actions through a variety of social engineering tests. Has your awareness program and incident response policy met its objectives? Test the reaction to obtain real-world, real-time results in a controlled testing scenario. 

Social engineering
Collect of sensitive documents in the trash or recycling bins

«Companies invest a lot in the implementation of it protective measures (firewalls, ids/ips, dlp, etc.) And awareness programs. Regular tests on it environments let you know just how effective such protective measures are and how to adjust accordingly.»

Cheick Tidiane Bah