Strategies for integrating security in Systems Development Life-Cycle (SDLC)

An approach that allows you to control the security of your information through each phase in the roll-out of your applications

  • Are my business web applications secure enough to prevent intrusions?
  • Is it possible to develop applications with a level of security that meets my organization’s protection needs?
  • How can we develop new applications or features without introducing new vulnerabilities, while following recommended security practices?
  • How can i ensure that my supplier has adopted appropriate, sound security practices?

Successfully maintaining information security when designing and launching applications is a challenge many organizations neglect. Yet IT is recognized that the vulnerability of software applications has had major consequences on the security level of certain businesses in recent years.

In Fidem has all the expertise and skills required to design, develop, validate, implement and manage applications that incorporate security measures tailored to a company’s business needs. We design simple, concrete, effective application security strategies and solutions based on the international iso/iec 27034:2011 model. These strategies designed to be consistent with your development processes and methodologies.

Incorporating security over the full life-cycle of your applications

  • Assess needs and risks at the start of the project
  • Determine the functional requirements associated with security
  • Design and standardize application control libraries
  • Validate controls and conduct application security tests
  • Train development teams (see training section)

measurable gains in security

Achieve the required level of protection based on your business, technology, and the regulations that apply to your organization
Each security requirement identified is measurable
Existing security controls are reused

«Today, it is much easier to directly exploit the security holes in an application than to attack the infrastructure itself. So when setting up and integrating applications, it’s essential to incorporate effective security practices so as to prevent costly errors.»

Matthieu Chouinard