Setting up security infrastructure

Developing coherent, intelligent plans to improve the security of it infrastructure

  • What technologies would be appropriate to keep my IT systems secure?
  • How can we effectively roll out the security technology we choose so as to realize its full potential while reducing our risks to a minimum?
  • Is it possible to get custom-designed technology to achieve my company’s IT security objectives?

In Fidem guides organizations in choosing and implementing solutions to protect their IT systems. Focusing on the introduction of technology tailored to an organization’s particular challenges and security objectives, we select and roll out processes and technology designed to allow the company to be fully effective while efficiently protecting its data.

In Fidem: an independent firm that can advise you on the security system that is right for you

Our organization is not dependent on any company that sells is security systems, and that gives us total freedom in advising you on the most appropriate technology to meet the objectives of your action plan. In fidem focuses on the design and implementation of turnkey security architecture that reflects your reality.

Technology that is carefully chosen and rolled out so as to truly reduce your risks

Security of data centres (servers, storage area networks, etc.)
Security of telecommunication networks (remote access, intrusion detection, wireless)
Corporate risk management and compliance (RMC) software
Identity and access management (IAM) solutions
Implementation of system monitoring platforms (SIEM)
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

«In Fidem promotes the judicious selection and implementation of sound technology tailored to the types of data managed by the organization, its functions, budgets, and specific needs and challenges.»

Frédéric Buteau-Tremblay