Security of systems of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA )

Leading-edge expertise to control the risks associated with industrial control systems

  • How do I know if my control systems are vulnerable to the threats of compromise currently affecting the industry?
  • How can I consistently ensure the security of my production systems?
  • What actions must be taken to ensure that my IT infrastructures adhere to best practices for security of control systems?

In recent years, we have witnessed the convergence between information technology (IT) and operational technologies (OT), such as

  • Energy production (Hydro-electricity, wind power, nuclear, coal, gas, etc.)
  • Mining and petroleum production
  • Control of trains and transport systems
  • Control of medical equipment
  • Control of industrial production and manufacturing
  • Water treatment
  • Etc.

If the benefits of connecting these systems to IT resources are significant for your organization, it is also important to think about the security threats that this situation creates. Protecting your industrial processes requires the intervention of specialists who understand both operational systems and IT systems to effectively protect your business from IT security risks.

An approach that ensures the security of your industrial systems, at each step

  • Verification and evaluation of the effectiveness of implemented security measures
  • Analysis of present risks in your existing industrial systems
  • Risk control when introducing a new product
  • Suggestion of adequate strategies
  • Accompaniment in the deployment and the implementation of security projects

A recognized expertise for the security of SCADA systems

  • We integrate the best international practices in our ways of doing things
  • Our methodology has been proven in the application of security controls
  • Our experts have experience in industrial settings, which ensures that our practices are both consistent with the highest standards of security and are perfectly suited to  your industry

“Industrial systems are not only critical to organizations that use them, but also often for an entire segment of a state’s economy. Their protection should therefore be at the heart of these organizations’ strategies. Is this the case with you?”

Matthieu Chouinard