Detecting cyber spying and cyber crime

A reliable approach that detects cyber spying software with a very high degree of accuracy

  • How can I know if my computer systems are attacked by standard or apt type malicious software?
  • What actions need to be taken to thoroughly screen my systems and provide information on the impact spyware has had on my it infrastructure?
  • How can I resolve the situation and regain control of my organization’s information security?

A refined methodology for conducting a detailed, accurate diagnosis of any abnormal behaviours on your computer systems

  • Innovative, internationally recognized software developed in Quebec that analyzes all your applications and system memory to detect any anomaly.
  • An exhaustive analysis that identifies the nature and impacts of the most insidious malwares and APTs (Advanced Persistent Threat).
  • A clear report outlining the steps that need to be taken to remedy the situation.

Combat cyber crime with software that detects targeted attacks

Rather than relying simply on the regular detection of known spyware and malware, we use state-of-the-art technology whose primary function is to recognize the most advanced camouflage techniques, identifying anomalies in the core structure of operating systems.

Advantages of In Fidem’s detection service

Detects complex, insidious attacks that cannot be detected by traditional scanners, such as APTs like Stuxnet, Duku and Flame.
Alerts the security team during the malware’s implementation phase.
Provides results quickly to resolve an emergency situation.

«The technology In Fidem uses to detect cyber spying is a proven solution that has been adopted by large corporations, public institutions and governments around the world.»

Matthieu Chouinard