Design and integration of IT contingency processes

A contingency plan to ensure the resiliency of it infrastructure in the event of a crisis

  • How can I guarantee that my IT systems will be available quickly, at an adequate level, if there is a disaster?
  • What do I need to put in place in terms of my IT systems so that my business will remain operational during or after a natural disaster?
  • How should I properly incorporate my IT into a comprehensive business continuity plan?

Resilient it services that are prepared for critical situations

Your business today depends on IT and telecommunications systems for all its operations. In the event of a disaster or technical problem, IT is vital to be able to maintain these services and quickly recover any lost data in order to guarantee the continuity of your business operations.

We set up and roll out IT contingency strategies that allow businesses to react appropriately to unforeseen circumstances, reduce costs and losses, and ensure the resiliency of their systems and the rapid resumption of operations. We recommend an IT contingency strategy that is aligned with the overall business continuity process, focusing on the establishment of complete, structured modus operandi tailored to the constraints, resources, types of risk and objectives of your organization.

A structured it contingency plan aligned to your business needs and environment

Limit uncertainties as much as possible.
Implement appropriate responses.
Facilitate decision-making.
Establish a precise order of responses for the resumption of operations.
Establish specific responsibilities for each person with a role to play in the event of a crisis.
Establish critical communication between responders.

«43% of organizations that go through a disaster don’t survive. An intelligent it contingency process allows data to be recovered and the business’s operations to resume quickly, thus ensuring its survival.»

Michel Boutin