Computer forensics investigations

Investigation methods designed to detect computer fraud and preserve the integrity of the evidence collected

  • How can I trace the origin of a cyber attack on my computer systems?
  • How can I find out and prove that one of my employees is abusing their privileges and not abiding by the company’s security rules?
  • How can I prove beyond a doubt that my company is or has been a victim of information fraud, abuse, or theft?

At one time or another, every business faces a major security incident. Our investigation experts can help you trace the origin of the incident, diagnose the situation and collect the evidence needed to create a formal investigation file.

Using a thorough data-capture based process and systematic analyses, we quickly bring you up to date and help you solve any situation of intrusion, fraud, information theft or inappropriate use of your computer systems.

You believe you have been the victim of illegal activities such as:

  • Computer fraud
  • Leaks or destruction of data
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Hacking
  • Misuse of the internet and cyber slacking

Forensic investigations that meet legal criteria and ensure that evidence is valid

In Fidem uses recognized methods for computer investigations and forensic operations that detect and above all preserve the integrity of evidence of any abuse, fraud, hacking, cyber spying and theft of confidential information of which your organization may be the victim.

In Fidem’s technical and legal expertise

Recovering and restoring data that has been corrupted or erased
Collecting evidence and preserving its integrity
Meeting standards and working within legal frameworks
Producing investigation reports that meet the criteria set out in the law
Acting as expert witnesses in the courts

«The purpose of an investigation is to build a substantial, airtight legal case that can be concluded quickly. We provide you with the assurance that you are covered for all technical and legal aspects of data collection, information analysis and preservation of evidence to ensure its integrity during a civil or criminal proceeding.»

Matthieu Chouinard