Introducing the security controls required for the sound operation of the organization’s IT

Establishing sound management of information and technology systems security requires a comprehensive understanding of it management processes. Effective integration of security controls allows you to adapt your existing processes and procedures, incorporating specific security features, while taking into account established reference frameworks (ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library – and COBIT).

We set up and adapt the processes, operational procedures and technology so that each layer of your environment, and each individual involved, is properly applying the established security measures and standards.

Our objective: To provide your organization with optimal protection for its IT ecosystem and appropriate training for its IT operation teams.

Our systems security services

  • Designing and integrating processes and operational procedures
  • Establishing architecture and technology solutions
  • Detecting cyber spying and cyber crime
  • Identity and access management (IAM) system
  • Designing and integrating it contingency processes
  • Computer forensics investigations