Writing a security action plan

Strategies and an Action Plan for Effectively Rolling Out Security Measures 

  • How can we identify and prioritize the security measures to be implemented in our organization’s various departments?
  • How can I clearly and convincingly present security issues to management?
  • How can we set short, medium, and long-term timelines for the implementation of information security strategies within our organization?

Writing an action plan makes it possible to identify the strategies required for improving the protection of your information and systems. The plan must consider the various targets to be achieved in order to determine priorities, a budget, timelines, and a roll-out methodology for the appropriate security measures to meet your organization’s particular needs.

A Detailed Plan to Prepare and Guide Your Business

The action plan is an essential tool for coordinating the introduction of adequate security measures within an organization, or the fine tuning of existing ones, while managing related changes. This allows you to:

  • Obtain a clear summary of the current situation and the objectives you wish to achieve
  • Prioritize interventions
  • Plan and articulate each step of the action plan
  • Understand the costs of the measures to be implemented, both as a whole and component by component
  • Define the role of each person involved in the process

Presenting both the strategies and tactics for the implementation of the ISMS, the security plan is the culmination of the planning stage. It allows you to maximize the return on investment of the security measures you will implement and model the roll-out of the project.

«The action plan is your compass. It helps you move forward without losing your bearings! In order to be effective, your plan must incorporate the needs, ambitions, and business challenges of your organization while helping you meet your compliance obligations.»

Michel Boutin