Preparing the corporate it security governance framework as it pertains to policies, guidelines, and procedures

A Precise and Clear Model to Simplify the Implementation of Your Information Protection Objectives

  • How do we define clear security objectives adapted to our business context and regulatory requirements?
  • How should we establish the security roles and responsibilities within our organization?
  • How should I go about properly informing my employees and business partners about the company’s security goals and requirements?

Sound security governance includes internal security principles and objectives for your organization. To successfully protect your information, the policies that are to be applied within the company must be deployed in the form of a clear protocol for everyone.

We will create an effective framework for your users, IT delivery teams, clients, and business partners by establishing comprehensive guidelines and by effectively communicating these security requirements and expectations.

Three Components of a Security Agreement

    • Policies
      For security objectives to be implemented, people must first understand what is required of them. We therefore prepare clear and concise policies and a code of ethics specifically designed for each group associated with your company (employees, managers, clients, suppliers, etc.).
    • Guidelines
      From the physical security of offices and server rooms to the logical security of databases and the management of access, identity management, and telecommunications, our experts prepare a comprehensive list of requirements adapted to the issues that are specific to each facet of the technology and security management involved.

    • Procedures and process
      The successful protection of information flows from the constant and rigorous application of protection measures. In Fidem guides your company through the integration of these controls.

«The success of a security team depends to a significant degree on its ability to give clear messages to the parties concerned and to integrate the security rules in the company’s operational service-delivery procedures. Our goal is to equip companies so that these security rules and policy frameworks are available to all and used to their full potential.»

Nicole Barbeau