Implementation of an information security management system (ISMS)

Solutions to Define and Implement Functional Processes for the Governance of Information Security

  • What are the key principles my company should adopt to effectively manage security?
  • How should we establish the security roles and responsibilities within our organization?
  • How do we ensure that the measures implemented meet the necessary security requirements?
  • What is secure enough?

Your company is unique. Its security management must therefore be consistent with your business’s needs and goals according to the type of business, the industry, and the company’s organizational structure.

In Fidem professionals will guide you in the development of an approach to effectively manage your IT security requirements. We propose security principles and processes that are simple and easy to integrate. They are designed to ensure that your organization remains agile and efficient as it establishes, operates, monitors, and constantly improves measures to protect your information and network.

In Fidem understands that the implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) adapted and customized for your specific situation depends on a balance between the value of what you need to protect and your available resources. We work to:

  • Provide a precise overview of the current situation
  • Recommend an adequate and realistic master plan and strategy
  • Guide you in the deployment and implementation of the strategy
  • Verify and measure the effectiveness of existing security measures
  • Advise you in the improvement of your practices as your business evolves and grows

Customized Security Management Strategy and IT Security Governance

Adequate protection of information assets
The development and implementation of a security management model that suits your requirements, challenges, and the demands of your industry.
The importance of return on investment
Targeted actions to maximize investment: benefit analysis, strategy planning, priority-based implementation, personnel training, validation of the effectiveness of the measures implemented, and integration of the continuous improvement process.
The expertise of an ISO-27001-certified company
Security engineers trained to use internationally recognized management models, such as ISO 27001, and to implement risk management processes that meet regulatory compliance requirements.

«At In Fidem, our preferred security governance approach is based on the principle of balance. Ensure the best possible data protection, yes, but in a pragmatic way, maintaining the right balance between the risks and the security measures required to protect against them!»

Matthieu Chouinard