Designing an awareness program

Sensitizing and training your human capital to ensure that your security policy is implemented effectively

  • How can I ensure that the security rules we have adopted will be applied by all my employees?
  • What steps should I take so that communications about security rules are taken seriously and followed?
  • How can I set up an adequate training and coaching program in each department of my organization?

It’s all very well to develop a security policy, but without an adequate communication plan to inform your employees about the measures and behaviours they need to adopt, all your effort is liable to be wasted. We recommend that you set up awareness programs to promote compliance with your security rules.

The awareness program is a communication campaign aimed at motivating all those concerned — employees, suppliers or clients — to follow the security procedures.

A dissemination and awareness tool that allows you to:

  • Deliver the right message to the right person through the right communication channels.
  • Effectively sensitize all those concerned to the importance of following the rules adopted.
  • Make a strong impact by using communication strategies that fit into the corporate culture.
  • Measure the results of your effort.

Behaviour change management: achieving adequate compliance with security rules

  • Education and information programs tailored to the right audience and offered in several languages.
  • Concise, simplified information sessions, geared to the audience.
  • Awareness tools developed to communicate the messages effectively.
  • A service that is customized to fit your challenges, policies and communication methods, and the various profiles of the people in your organization.

«It is essential that your employees understand and apply the security measures required so that your business to can meet the objectives of the security rules you have adopted. In most cases, this involves a change of behaviour on their part, and our objective is to ensure that appropriate behaviour is adopted and maintained over the long term.»

Marlène Lussier