Business security architecture

A unified, coherent it security mechanism strategy

  • How can I put in place effective security infrastructure that can anticipate changes in my business?
  • How can I adjust my business’s security model to take into account telecommuting environments, multiple platforms and my employees’ mobile devices?
  • Is it possible to take advantage of new technology like cloud computing while keeping my information secure?

The reality of the work arrangements available today, and the risks associated with them, require security architecture to be designed using a comprehensive approach rather than using isolated solutions and functions.

We provide you with advice using a structured approach, developing high-level, schematic architectural features that allow you to promote a common vision of information security within your organization. Our architecture is designed to respond to your particular needs and challenges and meet your objectives. At the same time, it offers the necessary flexibility to coordinate the various processes and technologies involved in protecting your information.

360-degree security solutions consistent with your action plan

Provide a common vision of the main components of security that are closely associated with your business directions and objectives; 
Align this vision with your organization’s key strategies and business functions;
Provide input for a flexible action plan leading to the smooth implementation of the chosen information security architecture 

“Business security architecture should allow an organization to design processes that are in line with its organizational structure and make the various security functions as simple as possible.”

Matthieu Chouinard