ERP systems Protection

Improving the security of your critical systems

Your ERP system is at the heart of your business processes. What would the impact be should your ERP system be jeopardized?

We designed our ERP security services to enhance the protection of SAP and Oracle systems against cyber sabotage, fraud and espionage.

ERP environments are complex and cover a broad spectrum. Therefore, you would want to know how robust they are as well as understand their inherent risks. Three questions deserve to be answered:

  • What would the impact be should you be the victim of sabotage that would paralyze your business production for several hours, if not longer?
  • What would the impact be should your financial statements be tampered with? Or if your business were the victim of fraud?
  • What would the impact be should your strategies, production designs or R&D results fall in the hands of your competitor?

Do you know?

SAP uses web services

Like any other web server, SAP is vulnerable to traditional attacks.

SAP is an application

90 different vulnerabilities have been identified within the SAP framework.

SAP is complex

SAP is broad and makes use of several technologies. It’s necessary to cover the full set of processes and technologies to  obtain a clear and complete picture.


An ERP system is complex and requires special attention in terms of security. InFidem through its experts et strategic partners, offer you specialized ERP security services backed by the best performing tools. Check our technical paper for more information. We deliver end-to-end security  that is adapted to your environment, to assess, validate and enhance your ERP system controls.

Today, hackers find it easier to openly exploit application vulnerabilities than attacking the infrastructure.  Implementing and integrating application solutions should integrate efficient security practices for the benefit of preventing costly incidents.