Offensive Security

Let our hackers test the security of your IT systems!

9611_INFIDEM_icones_v1-secu-offensiveEven if you’re extremely careful about your company’s security procedures, details can slip past you. Whether they’re related to technical configurations or problematic behaviour within the company, vulnerabilities provide opportunities for hackers to compromise or steal your data.

Vulnerabilities might take the form of an error on your website, allowing malicious code to be inserted, or poor configuration on the part of your hosting service provider. But they can also involve a physical intrusion! Access badges are cloned much more often than you may think.

It’s also essential to consider the human factors: information gaps, non-compliance with procedures, oversights, resistance to change, etc. All of these elements can derail your plans and leave you exposed to risk.

The best way to ensure your measures are effective is by putting them to the test. With In Fidem’s offensive security services, this can be accomplished quickly and securely.

Our experts simulate the behaviour of hackers, demonstrating your vulnerabilities so you can reduce your risks and increase your security maturity. You’ll also receive a report that clearly presents the results, necessary corrections and recommended next steps.

Don’t leave your future up to chance. Take control of your security!

Our offensive security services

  • Web application penetration testing (ERP, CRM, corporate, market, etc.)
  • Network penetration testing:
    • Internal networks
    •  External perimeter
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Physical penetration tests
  • Wireless network tests
  • Social engineering tests (telephone, social networks, office, etc.)
  • Secure code reviews (web and mobile apps)
  •  Red team exercises