In Fidem selected by the City of Montreal to provide specialized cybersecurity services

The City of Montreal has signed a two-year agreement with In Fidem for the provision of professional services specialized in Cybersecurity architecture.

Information and communication technologies have become an integral component of the administrative operations of the City of Montreal. The City, under the leadership of its IT services, is accelerating the number and the speed of delivery of all of its technology initiatives. In order to support the IT project teams, the City elected to rely upon an expert supplier of information security services who will contribute to the delivery of several projects as part of the City’s three-year investment plan.

“The City wishes to invest in state-of-the-art technologies well adapted to the new market trends”, says Matthieu Chouinard, president of In Fidem. “In this contest, it opted to rely on our cybersecurity expertise to assist the project teams with the selection and integration of required security systems and processes with the target of reaching an adequate level of protection within its investment framework”

About the City of Montreal

The City of Montreal includes 19 boroughs and offers a multitude of services throughout the Montreal Island, including its 15 suburbs. In consideration of the City’s focus on new technologies and its commitment to play a leadership role amongst the smart and digital cities of the world, its Information Technology Services launched in 2016 a major three-year investment program worth $240 million.