Cloud Computing Security

Securely making the switch to cloud computing


Whether cloud computing is at the core of your company’s IT ecosystem or only plays a marginal role, cloud security is key to your digital transformation!

Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are some examples of cloud computing solutions that greatly promote access to information and reduce your expenses.

The many advantages of this technology—mobility, flexibility, data security guaranteed by providers, and so on—explain why a growing number of organizations are relying on the cloud.

Compliance of cloud computing with a sound IT security policy is made more challenging by a number of factors. For example, cloud computing platforms offer default settings that improve user experience but might create vulnerabilities. Such an approach is rarely in line with a corporate vision seeking to combine technological performance, adoption and security.



Our services for securely implementing cloud computing solutions

  • Our services for securely implementing cloud computing solutions
  • Configuration of popular cloud computing platforms :
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Support for the design of secure cloud computing architectures
  • Advice for sound management of cloud infrastructure
  • Training courses tailored to your needs

Avoid critical errors and call on experts to implement or assess your cloud computing solutions based on your requirements.

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