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Is your supply chain secure?

Large, medium and small businesses are affected by the risk of cyber threats because they store and use a large amount sensitive information that attracts attackers.

Do you know that the supply chain now counts as one of the weakest links in a cyberattack? Indeed, it has become a critical link between your organization and other businesses to help you serve your customers.

Why is your supply chain at risk?

Have you ever thought about the type of information you provide your supply chain? Do you know how your suppliers process your data, your customers’ data, or where that information is stored?

You should ask yourself these questions to ensure the quality and security of your supply chain as your organization may be a target of cyber attacks for the following reasons:

  • you collect personal information from customers;
  • you have trade secrets or other intellectual property;
  • you use vulnerable software or hardware;
  • you may be linked through your supply chain to data or systems of interest to the threat;
  • you use point-of-sale systems for payment data that contains credit card and customer information.

Even if your organization’s security is beyond reproach, a single vulnerable partner in your supply chain is a risk to you and all other partners in the chain.

How can you ensure the quality and security of your supply chain and reduce the risks?

The first step is to examine the supply chain for weaknesses. You may identify vulnerabilities in your IT devices and equipment. You may discover that other aspects of your supply chain are at risk : such as access controls (to systems and locations), transportation, and product sourcing.
In addition, there is a number of steps that you should take when assessing your supply chain :
  • Ensure that only trusted employees have access to sensitive information;
  • Protect your organizational assets;
  • Take the time to evaluate the type of information you share with suppliers;
  • Assess the staff on contract who will be working with sensitive information;
  • Request and evaluate your supplier’s security plan that stores your off-site information.

How can In Fidem help you secure your supply chain?

Our integrated Risk Management experts can help you to :
  • Identify your most risky suppliers;
  • Set up an automated evaluation system with web-based questionnaires to be completed by your suppliers;
  • Know the level of maturity of their information security management with the help of a dashboard.
The market best practices and innovations, supported by our experts’ experience, will enable you to mitigate supplier risks in a few weeks. Contact us now !
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