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Azure Sentinel: How to take advantage of Sentinel to secure your Microsoft 365 environment?

While many companies will be struggling to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, others do not appear to be affected. Some have the wind in their sails, such as Microsoft, which recorded 13.3 billion dollars in revenue for the third quarter. This is a 39% increase in revenues compared to the previous year! These dazzling results can be explained in particular by its remote working tools, which many companies started using during the pandemic in order to ensure the continuation of their activities. Microsoft had to respond to a strong demand for its products such as Teams, Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop. This said, the firm saw its commercial revenues jump, including a 25% increase in the Microsoft 365 suite (formerly Office 365).

However, this digital transformation does not come without risks. It is particularly important to secure your Microsoft 365 environment. We cannot remind you enough that it is the user who is responsible for configuring and securing their cloud services.

Amongst the ways to protect your cloud services, there are simple solutions that will allow you to detect and prevent intrusion attempts such as monitoring and logging activities to detect any anomalies. This is one of the advantages of using Microsoft Azure Sentinel, a tool that you can connect to your 365 environment to monitor it in real time and reduce the risk of your environment being compromised.

What exactly is Azure Sentinel ?

Azure Sentinel is called a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

It automatically collects the activities of all users, devices, applications and infrastructure in the Microsoft cloud. (It is also possible to connect third-party applications with the solution.)

With Sentinel, you can see who does what, when and where the connections are made.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence included in the cloud platform, you can analyze data, make correlations and therefore detect abnormal behavior and potential threats in real time from your Microsoft 365 and Azure environment.

Since Azure Sentinel is a native cloud computing solution from Microsoft, you can import your Microsoft 365 data for free. Why not take advantage of it?

Why monitor and log activities in your Microsoft 365 environment ?

What you need to know is that email compromise is one of the hottest and most damaging types of attacks on an organization.

Indeed, organizations process more and more data in their 365 environment, including personal information, customer lists, strategic information, financial transactions, etc. It is therefore essential to monitor and protect your data against  increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. This being said, Microsoft 365 services have become a prime target for cyberattacks.

The ability to detect anomalies and monitor all this data has therefore become a priority and an everyday challenge.

By monitoring connections to Microsoft 365 accounts, you will be able to detect, for example:

  • Attempts made to access the same source from several different accounts;
  • suspect connection locations and IP addresses ;
  • If passwords have been breached;
  • Large and suspicious downloads;
  • Signs of infection from a user workstation;
  • If a ransomware has been deployed on one of your cloud applications;

And many other situations that could arise …

The benefits of Microsoft Azure Sentinel in your 365 environment ?


Thanks to Azure Sentinel, your team will be able to:

  • Facilitate access to real-time information about your environment;
  • Detect suspicious, inappropriate, abusive or threatening behavior;
  • Automate alerts and save time in analyzing, detecting threats and responding to security incidents;
  • Optimize your time by freeing yourself from manual and redundant tasks and focusing on orchestrating responses to cyber incidents.

Our cloud security experts can help you leverage the potential of this platform to increase your cyber resilience in detecting and responding to cyber attacks, while controlling your investments.

Do you want to protect your organization to perform better? Contact us to discuss your situation!

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